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6LACK – Inwood Hill Park
AlbumSince I Have A Lover (Track 2)

6LACK – Inwood Hill Park is a song from alternative R&B artist 6LACK, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Released as part of his third studio album, East Atlanta Love Letter, this song has touched many fans due to its thoughtful production and honest lyrics.

The track begins with 6LACK’s ethereal vocals, followed by a mellow instrumental of keys and drums, which build up and slowly come to a head as he croons about the effects of his heartbreak. Lyrically, the track speaks of 6LACK’s longing for a returned connection and the feeling of disconnect as his lover starts to drift away. He sings “It’s like I fell in love with a memory / And something else changed you in Inwood Hill Park / I was hoping I’d be what you looking for / But something else changed you in Inwood Hill Park.

6LACK paints a vivid picture of nostalgia, longing and love that many people can relate to—a beautiful dedication to the moments shared with a loved one. Over the course of the song, his powerful story comes together to create an intimate, soulful experience for all listeners.

If you’re searching for an emotional journey about love and loss, then 6LACK – Inwood Hill Park is a must-download. With 6LACK’s raw lyrical talent and stellar production, this track will be sure to stay with you for a long time.


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