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Miley Cyrus - Rose Colored Lenses
ArtistMiley Cyrus
AlbumEndless Summer Vacation (Track 3)

Miley Cyrus - Rose Colored Lenses is an upbeat, emotional song recently released by singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus, hailing from the United States. Cyrus is known for her rebellious and emotional lyrics, which are full of raw passion and achieved through her signature twangy voice. Rose Colored Lenses is no exception, yet feels quintessentially Miley, creating an honest and fearless pop anthem.

The song opens with a simple yet poppy melody, lyricised with Cyrus’s distinct choice of words. This song in particular carries a special message of self-reflection, with a relatable message of letting go of societal masks and finding strength to be yourself and be proud of the place you’ve found.

The intro builds in energy and momentum with an empowering line of “put away your rose colored lenses and embrace the truth”, encouraging us to take a moment of self-reflection and remembering who we are as individuals. The chorus is a moment of elevation, rising further and further, leaving us with a parting celebration of individuality and freedom.

Rose Colored Lenses is the perfect anthem for people everywhere to remind them of their self-worth, and an invitation for listeners to let go and be their boldest, strongest selves. This powerful ode is available to download right away, proving to start a deep emotional awakening within all its listeners.


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