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AlbumHOPE (Track 7)

NF - SUFFICE is a beautiful and powerful song by the acclaimed Christian singer-songwriter, NF, from the United States. This song has been a fan-favorite since its release in 2019 and has been featured on many of NF’s albums including Perception and The Search.

NF - SUFFICE is an uplifting and inspiring track, focusing on gratitude and being content with what you have. The music is uplifting and hopeful, with a beautiful piano and drums combination driving the track. NPR captured the essence of the song when they described it as an “anthem of self-reliance.”

Through his passionate and honest lyrics, NF shares his story of struggling through hard times and learning to become content with where he is in life. He talks about staying away from negative iNFluences, not getting too caught up in the pressures of living expectations, and instead focusing on having gratitude for the blessings in his life.

The chorus of the song encourages listeners to look past the struggles of life and to find contentment in themselves: “They may never understand me / I don’t need their approval / I’ve been lost in the battle / But I’m finding my healing.” This message of self-coNFidence and reliance is highlighted throughout the song.

Overall, NF - SUFFICE is a powerful and inspiring song that speaks to a wide audience. Its honest and uplifting lyrics, combined with the beautiful musical production, make it a must-hear and must-download track.



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