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  • Artist: NF
  • Genre:Rap
  • Album: HOPE (Track 10)
  • Released: 2023

NF – TURN MY BACK: Released in 2020, NF’s single “Turn My Back” is a track of resounding energy, uplifting vibes and incredibly raw emotion. The American rap artist, hailing from Michigan, shows off his signature vocal and lyrical style as he speaks about overcoming his inner darkness and fighting through struggle.

The album starts off with a slow and calm voice accompanied by build-up instrumentals that gradually grow into a loud, emotional explosion. The lyrics detail NF’s inner turmoil, as well as the difficulties he’s faced in his life. At the same time, he speaks of the hope, strength and faith he finds in God and the uNFaltering support from friends and family that keeps him going. By the end, NF offers a motivational outlook to the listener, telling them to “turn their back” on the doubts and fears that have been weighing them down.

“Turn My Back” is an inspirational and motivational anthem catered to anyone struggling and trying to make it through life’s various challenges. The captivating beat mixed with NF’s passionate delivery makes this song one of the best hip-hop anthems of 2020. If you’re in need of some uplifting inspiration, “Turn My Back” is the perfect track to get you on the right track.

Download NF’s “Turn My Back” and allow the music to elevate your spirits and bring you the strength you need to make it through the day.



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