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Quando Rondo – Nightmare

Quando Rondo – Nightmare is an inspiring rap song from one of the most inspiring and promising southside Savannah, Georgia artists of today. Quando Rondo is well-known for his particularly smooth flow and slick delivery. His music takes listeners on a journey of contemplative emotion and musical understanding.

Nightmare is a powerful song, full of emotion and contemplation. The first verse introduces a feeling of despair and inner struggles, but by the second verse, Quando Rondo pulls no punches when it comes to addressing his own struggles and hardships. With lines such as “only so many bills a kid can stack/Stuck in my nightmares, I’m just tryin’ to cope/This life ain’t livin’, it’s just tryin’ to cope”, it is easy to understand the depths of Quando Rondo’s inner struggles.

The chorus of Nightmare serves as an emotional and inspiring anthem. The lines “If I don’t survive, at least I tried/Let my dreams take me, take me to the sky” underscore the idea that persistence towards difficult goals can lead to great rewards.

Nightmare is a powerful and inspiring song backed by an incredible beat. The chorus has a catchy and uplifting vibe, and Quando Rondo’s flow is captivating throughout the song. Anyone looking for a great hip-hop track to download should definitely check Quando Rondo’s Nightmare.


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