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Quin NFN – Just Getting By

Quin NFN – Just Getting By is an inspirational hip-hop song that motivates people to work hard in order to succeed in life. Hailing from the United States, Quincy Jones, known as Quin NFN, offers an inspiring message of grit and perseverance. The chorus features catchy lyrical patterns and inspiring words:

“Just getting by and the world is mine,
Facing fear I still get by and strive,
Troubles ahead, I’m still alive,
I’m just getting by and so is life.”

The song’s driving beat and rhyme-schemes captivate listeners, with Quin NFN wrapping motivational words around groovy melodies. Quin touches on themes of ambition, hard work, and ambition. His lyrics speak of a hustle that’s necessary to make it in life, despite the struggles and battles we have to face.

The impactful music video for “Just Getting By” promotes the song’s message even further. It follows Quin NFN on his own journey of success, alongside the struggles and obstacles that motivate him to keep pushing forward. Visuals of the hustle and success Quin NFN has experienced throughout his career give the video an inspiring edge. With powerful messages and impressive visuals, Quin NFN’s “Just Getting By” is a must-download for fans everywhere.


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