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Wizkid – Money & Love
AlbumMore Love, Less Ego (Track 1)

Wizkid – Money & Love is a song by Nigerian artist Wizkid, one of the country’s most prolific musicians. The song is a mix of pop, R&B, and Afrobeat, blending modern and traditional styles to create a unique and catchy sound. The lyrics express Wizkid’s desire to be successful, both in terms of money and love. Clocking in at almost five minutes and over a million plays, it’s a sound that almost anyone can enjoy.

The song begins with a heavy synth and beat accompanied by an acoustic guitar to provide a lively backdrop. Wizkid’s voice is powerful and emotive, weaving in and out of the melody as he tells his story. The chorus is catchy and memorable, complemented by a background vocal track.

The lyrics of Wizkid – Money & Love explore two of life’s most important needs - the need to make money and the desire for love. Wizkid acknowledges the fact that he needs both in order to be successful. He expresses his determination to make it, despite the obstacles. He also talks about the importance of family and friends in his journey.

Although it is a upbeat and energetic song, the message it sends is both profound and meaningful. Wizkid – Money & Love encourages listeners to strive for a balance between material wealth and emotional connection, emphasizing the need for both in life.

Overall, Wizkid – Money & Love is an incredibly fun and thought-provoking song from one of Nigeria’s top artists. With its infectious beat and meaningful lyrics, it’s an amazing addition to any playlist.


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