Selldretti Music Group artist/CEO Selldretti Taking it Back to Real Hip-Hop


It’s been all about keeping it real from day one.  Selldretti was just a young man when he first connected with the m-i-c.  Ever since his older brother, rap-artist Marcus Muscogee, asked him to spit rhymes on a track he was working on, Selldretti was hooked on making music and the idea that his lyrics could make a meaningful impact on the world.

He practiced, wrote songs & refined his talent as he took-in the influence of artists like Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Curren$y and many more as he grew up…but it wasn’t his time…yet…After three years of active duty and a tour in Afghanistan as a soldier in the United States Army, he honorably completed his service to his country and went back to the music immediately after.  Armed with a whole new set of life experiences, insights and observations, Selldretti understood that the very best way he could now serve was through his words, making the most out of life & leading by example.

With his own bold approach to rap and his ability to create relatable & thought-provoking lyrics, Selldretti writes about the gritty, raw & real through powerful words with vibrant imagery that paint the full picture of his experience.  Seldretti’s signature flow sets him apart from the rest of the emcees out there – but it’s what he says through the messages on his tracks that keep the fans locked on his music.  Extending the empire even further in effort to get the material out there on every platform, the young rap mogul created an entire brand to support the music – Selldretti Music Group. Firmly in a position to make the music he’s always wanted to make, with everything he needs to make it surrounding him – Selldretti’s time is NOW and he’s ready & willing to lead the way to a better tomorrow through inspiring words of wisdom, wild tales of experience & an authentic perspective that keeps it real at all times.

Future Projects
Selldretti recently released his new single “Censored” which is now available for streaming on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon.  While displaying his lyrical, old-school flow, the Columbus, Ga native also promotes his new solo album “Back To The Boom” with a release date on all major music streaming platforms December 1st.Connect with Selldretti
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